On World Changers

Everyone who ever walked this earth that changed it, shook it, and influenced it had something peculiar about them. It was that these people were crazy enough to believe that they could bring alterations to the status quo. Whether or not they lived that long, their legacies remain even years after their deaths.

I am just like anyone, inspired by all the greats such as Albert Einstein, Bruce Lee, Martin Luther King Jr., Oprah Winfrey… nvm not her. Mother Theresa, yeah I love that lady. I don’t suspect that any of these folks were looking for a platform. They just walked, talked and breathed everything they were about so when it was game time, they changed it by speaking forth words that were cultivated by a life of practice and discipline, and perseverance.

I’m sure there were days when MLK wanted to break this non-violent protest shindig and punch someone square in the mouth, but no. He had an agenda, and a dream which had to be fulfilled.

Like these globe-shifters I’ve always said I want to change the world and who knows, I just might but here’s a promise. I’ll give myself fully and wholly to this cause even unto death. And I may throw excuses out like, “no, I’m not wise enough, strong enough, good enough.” But those are only lies that will hinder me from my destiny. It begins with a bold knowledge that what is inside of me has the power to influence a generation, that my words may one day shape the state of the current culture and its behaviors, and that my dreams are even greater than I am.

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Happy Father’s Day

I gave my pops a manly kiss on the cheek this morning as he dropped me off at the airport bc I had nothing to give him. No poem, nor song, nor tools, nor whatever else you get a dad for this earnest holiday. He had everything to give me. By everything I mean $80 for leisure spending, a ride to the airport, and supporting me on missions trip which is a far cry from how his attitude used to be whenever I did Christian things. But today, all I had for him was a smooch on the cheek and I ain’t ashamed to say it neither.

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4:13 am

I’m awake for some odd reason. I slept only four hours ago. Right now, I’m gonna talk about people growing up and changing because it happens and sometimes it’s sad and other times it happens so fast you forget to feel anything. And you think about it and wonder. “How’s so-and-so?”. Earlier today, I ran info an old high school buddy of mine. I think it’s cool seeing your old friends because you get this nostalgic feeling. I don’t even know how to explain nostalgia man. It’s weirdly cool and reminiscent of the past.. actually that’s exactly what nostalgia is.

I just think the whole idea of time is interesting. It goes by so slow and yet so fast at the same time. Days, weeks, years pass us by and people walk in and out of your life. Who you hang out with changes, your school, your world views, hair color, job, but in your own skin everything has stayed the same. A wise man once said, “our lives are like a vapor” fleeting, gone in a second. It puts things into perspective when you’re almost 23 like me.

I just hope my life continues to have great depth, meaning and that I don’t forget to love.

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Today at work, I copped a cool looking army bag, a functioning CD player (remember those things?) and baby diapers for my Pastor’s soon-to-be-alive kid, Judah. In other news, I’m leaving to IHOP for three weeks and then to Eurasia for two! Oh life. Oh man. Oh Lord.

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